A Visit to Elements 2,  A Festival of Gold and Silver Artisans

A Visit to Elements 2, A Festival of Gold and Silver Artisans

Posted by Andy Woodman, Ophir Jewellery on 6th Jan 2019

A Visit to Elements 2, A Festival of Scottish Gold and Silver

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Well, I'm just back from visiting Elements 2 in Edinburgh at the very auspicious Lyon and Turnbull building in Broughton Place, Edinburgh. Elements 2 is a showcase for gold and silversmithing, letting you view firsthand collections from over 40 true artisans from all over the UK, and in this one place.

Inside, aside, from the amazing Georgian amphitheatre-like architecture, ...wow ! With the artisan gold and silversmiths displaying mainly in the ground floor, and the exhibition of important silver pieces between 1940- 2016 on the gallery floor above.

With 'smiths from across the country, their creations on show just amazing. So many pieces on show, of such a variety I found it truly inspirational in the the breadth of design and creativity, from small and perfectly crafted earrings to larger creations such as vases utilising the latest 3d printing techniques. I spoke to quite a few of these artisans on my way around and they just ooze passion for their craft.

I really attended to see the jewellery and (amongst others) found Jenny Deans jewellery showing this statement necklace which reminded me of an Alexander Calder piece.

I was also rather taken by the following recepticles.

These by Ryan McClean Silver "Ballistic Beakers"

And such a lifelike "gift bag" in Sterling Silver by Rebecca Joselyn Designs in Silver, just makes one want to reach out and touch it.

Also there were quite a few of the Scottish jewellery design colleges showing other beautiful and innovative designs in collective cases such as this.

All in all, a most worthy event to go to, full of excitement and innovative beautiful design.

If you are interesting in smithing as a hobby, or a career, interested in designs, or simply to purchase, not just a piece of jewellery, but a piece of handcrafted art, then I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

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