Important Information Before Ordering



Have you ever noticed that many sites selling jewellery do not give you the weight of the gold and silver jewellery you are buying. ?     They tell you that it's a 9ct Trace chain 18inch 1mm wide. How much gold are you actually getting for your money.?

Call us old fashioned !. We do our best to give you at least an idea of the weight of precious metal (within 10%). We think this is important to you, our customers so you can shop around for the best deal.

Wherever you shop, all goods do vary due to manufacturing processes, and in the case of gemstones, where mother nature creates a unique gemstone every time.


Gold Chains & Jewellery without Gemstones.

 All weights and widths of goods displayed will be within a 10% tolerance of those stated - this is a normal trade practice.  Because we value our customers and believe in honest prices, we have automatically kept all jewellery prices 10% lower than they otherwise may have been.   You might even end up buying a piece of jewellery weighing 10% more, and of course it costs you 10% less £££. !!!!


Jewellery with Gemstones.

All weights, widths and gradings will be within a 5% tolerance of those stated. Gemstones, unless shown as fully "certified" may vary by one Grade. This is normal trace practice. Again, we have set out prices 10% lower.

Please do note that all gemstones on this site (unless otherwise stated) are natural products, also known as "mined" gemstones. These natural gemstones are made by mother nature and each has it's own characteristics, colourings and patternation. This is what makes the gemstones special and rare and sets them apart from mass produced low value lab created stones.


"Conflict" Gemstones.

To the best of our knowledge, we have not sold, nor will we ever sell "conflict" gemstones.  All diamonds sold are subject to the internationally agreed "Kimberley Process".


Photography, Image size and Colours.

Colourings may vary because of photographic practices and because of your monitor / tablet and phone screen. Our own photographs are taken under 5k daylight bulbs which provide a truer colour representation. Because many of our products are delicate, images displayed may not be to 1:1 scale. ie, images on screen may be shown larger than they actually are.



All our goods supplied conform to the UK Hallmarking Act 1973 and all it's amendments. All goods also comply with all European Law legislation. In addition to the traditional hallmark "stamp" - some products are now Laser hallmarked instead. This is fully in line with all UK Assay Mark Legislation. Read more below.