About Us

Humble Beginnings

We are a small family business who have been trading UK sourced quality jewellery and findings on ebay. In that time we have established ourselves in the marketplace providing great products at a good and honest price. We continue to sell on the ebay platform.

 Trading on ebay for over 13 years, we are now ebay Powersellers with 5000+ ebay feedback and 99.0 + % positive which really says something about who we are, our customer service,  and what we do. But as the saying goes - "You can't please everyone all the time" - but we try very hard to.  (Thank you to all our customers).


We are delighted to be cross platform selling also on Amazon and offering yourselves beautiful jewellery.  We also are now in a position to offer quality diamond and gemstone jewellery and rare and unusual patterns of gold and silver chain. We also have a great selection of handmade chain. 

The vast majority of our products are UK made and sourced, and are ever expanding. We offer you these at an honest price.

Enjoy looking, and hopefully buying.


If you wish to contact us, please use the "contact us" button on the homepage.

Oh, and our name "Ophir" - in case you wonder, that name was given to us. Ophir is the legendary, and now lost port, that King Solomon used to import his fabulous riches from.

PS. A little update as of August 2016 - we have been granted the Assay Assured online jewellery retailer Trustmark from the UK Assay Office (Edinburgh).